Why Distance Education from Jagannath University?


Why Distance Education from Jagannath UniversityWith the advancement in the fields of multimedia, the scope of distant learning programs has been greatly enhanced. It is essentially a learning program wherein the teachings take place at a distance away from the learner. It is ideal for those students who, although they want to gain access to education, are unable to do so mainly because of lack of time. Unlike in a regular course, distance learning does not require the students to attend their lectures on the university campus regularly. Hence we see the entire agenda behind distance learning programs is to overcome the geographical and socioeconomic hindrances that often deter a student from getting enrolled in the course of their choice. This form of education also is beneficial to those who want to attain higher education but are residing in remote parts of the country or are into some jobs due to which they cannot attend their regular classes.

Ever since it received its approval in the year 2010, The School of Distance Learning, Jagannath University has established itself as a pioneer at providing various courses through its distance education programs. The School has a sound computer and other infrastructural build-ups, skilled teaching staff, and a well equipped administrative set-up, etc. It caters to the needs of its student clientele to their fullest. The staff at Jagannath University have, over the years several times, proved their expertise towards learning and research. The courses offered here are MCA, MBA, BBA, BCA, and PGDCA.

Aim of Jagannath University Distance Education:

1) Imparting quality education to students that are value-based and career-centric.
2) Providing students with an effective alternative path to various education fields, moreover, in terms of higher education.
3) Enhancing a given student’s skill set and helping them grab professional promotions.
4) Providing means for education to those students who look at education on a long term basis.
5) Facilitating the fellow students in comprehending and later applying the concepts and practices learned at core levels.
6) Providing the society a dexterous, efficient, and energetic student who shall, after completing his course, be ready to serve the society at large.


The university is well recognized and has received accreditations from several departments such as:

1. UGC (University Grants Commission)
2. NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)
3. DEB (Distance Education Bureau)

Awards and Glories:

1) Jagannath University Distance Education has been accorded with the title of India’s top-notch university in terms of distance learning programs.
2) The School of Distance Learning has been ranked 9th amongst the group of Universities in the North Zone of India.
3) It has even ranked 24th among all the other multidisciplinary universities of the north zone in India.
4) The School of Distance Learning grabbed the award for best private university with academic excellence in the Indian state of Rajasthan award by the Worldwide achievers back in the year 2018.

Following are the courses offered at the Jagannath University School of Distance Learning:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

It offers exposure to the graduates on an array of core subjects. The program is so designed to enhance the student’s practical managerial skills, communication skills, and business decision-making capabilities. The course, through its aptitude tests, management games, mock interviews, and group discussions, develops management skills in the students. It’s a 3-year program, consisting of 6 semesters in total.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

The program layout helps in inculcating the required set of skills in the students to excel at the global software industry using an interactive learning process. The university conducts sessions focusing on team-building skills, audio-visual presentations, and personality development sessions. Apart from inculcating the virtues of self-study, the course curriculum also enhances the analytical and communication skills of the graduates.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The MBA program of the university is further subdivided into 4 semesters. The examinations are held twice a year. The initial 2 semesters of the course sets a firm foundation of basic as well as core concepts pertaining to management. The latter 2 semesters of the course emphasizes on the specialization subjects. The specializations offered by the university are as follows:

1) Supply Chain Management
2) Media Management
3) Hospital Management
4) Information Technology
5) Human Resources Management
6) International Business Management
7) Finance Management
8) Marketing Management
9) Entrepreneurship Management
10) Operations Management
11) Project Management
12) Hotel and Tourism Management
13) Digital Marketing

MCA (Master of Computer Application)

The course builds the students to work in posts like system analysts, systems designers, programmers, and managers in several fields related to information technology. The course is aimed at imparting comprehensive knowledge with proper emphasis on theory and practice. The students are further encouraged to invest a complete semester working in the industry to gain hands-on training in the workings of the IT world.

The various courses offered at Jagannath University are regularly updated and have a modern curriculum. Admissions are granted to those who are diploma holders in the related degree programs. The university schedules examinations on a semester basis two times in a given year, these are in the months of July and December.

Salient features of the Jagannath University Distance Learning Programme :

1) LMS (Learning Management System)

With regular advancements in the teaching methodology, students have switched over to the digital platform for learning purposes as well. Jagannath University makes sure that these students are fed with multimedia-rich content and the university does this by creating a collaborative and convenient learning environment for the graduates using a cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System).

2) Dedicated Support Staff

The entire faculty at the Jagannath University works in sync with one another with the core objective of enhancing the overall knowledge base of the enrolled students. They are focused on their task of quenching the thirst for knowledge of the graduates of the university.

3) Easy Installment Fee

The management at Jagannath University has come with an installment based payment system so as to ease out the extra burden on the shoulders of those who are financially weak. This brings the university within easy reach of even those who hail from not so rich backgrounds but have high aims for life.

4) Updated Syllabus as per the Industry Standards

The entire course curriculum is designed in accordance with the latest pattern and trends. This ensures that the students do not stay behind in any of the fields of the modern era.

5) Self Learning Materials

Taking the dynamics of education onto the next platform, Jagannath University provides to its students several self-learning materials. These help the candidate to excel in fields of study and at the same time fasten the pace of studying.

6) Online Classes/ Faculty discussion / Alumni meet

At regular intervals, the university organizes discussions and seminars that are often attended by the alumni of the college as well. Students thus get on point knowledge about the work experience and the relevancy of the knowledge gained at the college in the real-life field.

7) No Re- Appear Extra Fee to be Paid

To further eradicate the unnecessary burden of high educational fees, the university does not charge any re- appear extra fee to its students.

8) Lateral Entry

The admission in the university is through a bilinear process. One can directly get themselves enrolled at the primary level and then graduate onto the next level. Otherwise, there is also the scheme of lateral entry directly onto the masters’ platform. Such as few candidates who have already pursued their degree in PGDCA, BCA, or computers are eligible to apply for the MCA course directly.


In the absence of adequate placements opportunities, all the merits of a university go down the drain. Well, you need not worry because that is certainly not the case with the Jagannath University’s Distance Education Program. The University’s School of Distance Learning offers an ample amount of placement assistance to its graduates. Several top-notch organizations recruit the students enrolled here as interns. The teaching faculty also makes sure that the students undertake live and time-bound projects to gain hands-on experience in the corporate world. It helps in developing a professional attitude in the graduates and also instills a sense of responsibility.

Further on, the training enhances the analytical ability of the graduates and their leadership qualities, thereby making the students’ industry compliant. The college even provides several personality enhancement modules with the sole aim of targeting the communication skills and time management regimes of the students. Those who have enrolled in the distance education program get to develop their management skills via aptitude tests, management based games, mock interviews, and group discussions. Many reputed firms are invited for the placement of the students, such as Bajaj Auto, Bank of America, British Council, Mercer, TCS, Infosys, IBM, Dell, Genpact, R Systems, etc.

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