Which MBA Suits the Most for Working Professionals In India

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The world is going forward at the fastest rate towards progress. A working professional with an MBA on his back is worth gold in the job market. MBA for working professionals in India adds skills of management which in turn boost up your salary and position in your company. The definitive hike in salary is accompanied by skill enhancement, career advancement and networking. 

These advantages as MBA may bring, but you are stuck when it comes to leave your job and go for the full-time MBA course. To solve this hurdle faced by the working professional, MBA for working professionals came into the education scene. This is the MBA program that is approved by UGC-DEB so that the working professional can go for the business degree and continue their jobs alongside. 

The responsibilities of your job are easily managed with the MBA working professional program as the classes are flexible in nature. The classes are conducted on the online mode in the evening so that you have the time to attend them. Just in case you missed your classes, the same classes are uploaded on the student portal so that you can anywhere and anytime learning.

The flexibility is not only in the case of classes but also when it comes to assignments, projects and semester exams. The best part of Working in a Professional MBA program is you will gain a degree that is the same as a regular MBA. The potential and recognition of an MBA that you get will be the same as the regular full-time MBA. 

In this blog, we will explore the top Distance MBA specializations from Jagannath University that are best suited to working professionals. Let’s explore:

Marketing Management 

Marketing is an indispensable part of any organization. The maximum budget after R&D is spent on the marketing of any product. This is a very interesting field that allows you to experiment and develop new techniques to market your product. And in this digital age, a new subset of marketing has evolved as Digital Marketing. 

In Marketing, there is always a demand for professionals that have the degree of MBA with apt skillset. From Media Planning, Brand Management, Marketing Analyst, Business Management to Brand Communication, there is a lot of are where you can a make a career. Also, growth in marketing management is scalable as you switch from one organization to another. 


Every sector of Industries is driven by only finance. If you want to enter the evergreen sector of management, financial management is the specialization for you. Every company needs a professional who has the knowledge of how to manage the finances. The scope of work of the professional doesn’t limit to financial management but to financial analysis, Financial Consultation, Risk Management, Credit Management and Auditing. 

As the complete world is dependent on the quick changes in finance, so finance management guarantees you to get different strategies of taking care of funds with the conservative alter as well. Through the course, one can have an assortment of career alternatives within the field of both managing an account and back together.

Supply Chain Management

Every physical good or the manufacturing industry cannot imagine the smooth functioning without proper supply chain management. The supply chain management segment of any organization needs expansive labor and material management to fulfill the objectives of the organization. Due to this reason, there’s a very high demand for MBA degree holders in supply chain management in nearly every organization. The graduates can too apply for government employments and get secured occupations in numerous supply chain administration segments.

 Supply chain management means the administration of the supply and flow of goods till ultimate products from crude materials are manufactured. The students get nitty-gritty information about the administration of the supply chain during the course. MBA in Supply Administration online learning may be an effective course to work because it allows you anytime and anywhere learning li without ceasing in your job.

Human Resource Management 

In this quickest developing world, Human Resources have ended up a significant portion of each industry. In case you’re seeking out a career that’s as vital but however a pressure-free one, Human Resource Management is the most excellent for you. There’s a number of career openings accessible for individuals who want to succeed within the HR field. Human resource management plays a very imperative part in any firm. Being an HR Manager of the company, you carry the image of a company in the eyes of employees in which you are working. You also have the responsibility to ensure that employees are happy and satisfied and giving their 100%.  You can be HR Manager, Training & Development Specialist, Employees Relation Manager etc. after you complete the MBA Working Professional. 

International Business Management 

There’s a race between all the companies who need to extend their businesses all over the world. The objectives of huge ventures are not as it was restricted to their country but moreover within the international showcase. International Business Management could be a wide field that deals with arranging, understanding, and overseeing the worldwide ventures of an organization in conjunction with the operations of the company. 

The course of International Trade Management specialization is one of the foremost well-known courses that are getting to be the best choices of the young students within the final few a long time

Master in International Business Management gives a tremendous opportunity for the working professional within the work markets. Career Alternatives for the students after the course are gigantic. MBA in International Business Management degree holders are always in demand as the organizations are expanding and competing on the international stage. Positions like Trading Strategist, Export Marketing Manager, Global Trade Manager, Foreign Trade Consultant are open after graduating from this specialization. All about: Jagannath University Jaipur – School of Distance Learning.

These are the top specializations that are best suited for working professionals. As you will be working and continuing the degree at the same time, by the time you graduate you would have both degree and experience. This will make you the perfect candidate for the top managerial positions. What are the best specializations for working professionals according to you? Do let us know.

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