The Director

Director’s Message Global boundaries are vanishing, merging people of diverse cultures, nationalities and age groups. Education is emerging as the most powerful platform in the ‘ boundaryless’ world.

I welcome each one of you to our ‘Global campus’ where latest technology, innovative teaching methodologies and quality education are blended together to create unique learning experiences.

Prof. (Dr.) Kapil Khattar

Director, SDLJU

Distance learning

Distance learning opens new dimensions of opportunities for students to obtain higher education without the constraint of location and time.
School of Distance Learning, Jagannath University, offers a chance to enhance your career and life through the quality education.
The Open and Distance Learning is a very good vehicle for motivated people who wish to enhance their qualification and skill or who wish to re-enter the workforce or the education system after a break.
School of Distance Learning, Jagannath University is now a mark of quality education.

Jagannath university

The system is providing a great opportunity to the students from lower income group, employed workforce, housewives, dropouts and professionals who could not complete their education for several families, and geographic constraints and now willing to enhance their qualifications.
The university provides opportunities to do add-on courses while pursuing a regular degree or diploma and enhance skills and qualifications simultaneously to build capabilities for meaningful employment.
Here, I feel proud to announce that the university is committed to hold examination on time twice a year on scheduled dates in December and June and declare results on time and The School of Distance learning, Jagannath university has its independent web site for the convenience of students.