Choosing a right career after schooling is a challenge for every student. Since it is a complex, multi-step process it requires self awareness and basic knowledge of careers that the student is considering. Every year thousands of students get enrolled in courses of their choice. However some are unable to do so because of financial restraints, open schooling, distance problem and various other reasons. Due to lack of information some students take admission in routine courses and later repent not having studied a professional course. For such students we at Jagannath University have designed specialized programmes that offer weekend classes, personal contact programmes through mentors and guest lecturers from industry. In addition to this study material is provided in all courses and assignments are designed in a way that they cover the entire curriculum. This eventually flourishes the students’ confidence as they feel correctly equipped to start a career in the chosen field.

As the knowledge of management is vital in every sector,Jagannath University offers unique combination ofmanagement with specialization in courses like MassCommunication, Hospitality, Fashion Design and InteriorDesign and IT. The student having studied such courseshas an edge over others as his intellectual capabilities,practical exposure and required skills are enhanced. Thethree year programme helps the student start his careerwith great clarity of career goals in his mind.

A student opting for specialization in masscommunication along with management learns all thebusiness aspects of media industry. The specializationprovides strong foundation of management helping thestudent get a job easily in the ever changing medialandscape. He also gets trained in the managerial aspectof this field with emphasis on content creation, reporting,writing and editing. The course gives insight into thecorrelation between office management and mediabusiness. After the course student has the choice tobecome a Journalist, Production In charge, MarketingExecutive in Newspaper and Magazines, Content writer,Public Relation officer and many more.

Following the same the management and hospitalityspecialization programme equips the students withrequired skills and knowledge to efficiently execute theirduties in the hospitality sector as the programme offersin-depth knowledge of technical and managerial skills toachieve the optimum standards of service industry. It isdone through our experienced faculty with the help of selected modules. The programme has an emphasis onmanagerial and operational issues. The delicate balancebetween tourism destination, travel and hospitalitymanagement and the cherishment of cultural diversity isthe vital part of the course. The management subjectsensures that the students have a pleasing personality,effective communication, sunny disposition and anability to put in laborious work hours when they starttheir careers. After the course student can have a careerin supervisory in five star hotels, catering business,ground staff operations, cabin crew, fast food outletsand restaurants, coordination work in hospitals andhostels, tour operation and much more

Another specialization offered by university isManagement and IT. It has been designed in such a waythat it meets the needs of IT industry by transforming thestudents as highly competent and dedicatedprofessionals so that they enter into their professionswith a perspective and breadth of knowledge in the fieldof IT and management. A well balanced course structureemphasizes on planning, designing and buildingcommercial application along with other managerialaspects like strong communication, leadership andeffective interpersonal skills. The student after thisdegree can have great career in data base designing,software designing, technical support, customer care inIT enabled services, MNC banks, telecommunicationsector and BPO’s.

Name and other details of Course Coordinator at the HO for each course:

    • Dr. Jyotsna Sharma – MBA
    • Dr. Shweta Bhatia – BBA
    • Mr. Gajendra Shrimal – MCA
    • Mr. Suraj Yadav – PGDCA
    • Mr. Hukum Saini – BCA

Minimum qualification of incumbent Subject Coordinators/ Counsellors at the Study Centers (programme wise for all programmes): NA

Similarly if a student opts for Design specialization thecurriculum includes learning key business skills, designpresentation skills developed through sketching,drawing, basic design elements and visual presentation.All this helps in creating the perfect final portfolio. Thecourse is further enriched with intensive training ondesign software, interaction with leading designers andexperts to enhance creativity. There are continuous PDsessions, seminars, workshops, industry visits andexposure through events and exhibitions. The courseprovides everything to the student who wants to start acareer as fashion entrepreneur and in various fields likecommercial interior designing, freelancing, visualmerchandising, fashion styling, fashion store, fashionphotography, illustrations, fashion journalism,merchandising, visual merchandising, free lancing,accessory designing, fashion choreography, qualitycontrolling, costume designing and many more.

All the courses tread towards a sustained commitmentto work for betterment of the students coming fromvarious sections of the society and enabling them tomaintain a contact with the experts of the industry.Studying at Jagannath University ensures that thestudent is provided cohesive, contextual and nurturingenvironment for learning.