Is Distance Education A Good Option?

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Before diving deep into the topic, it is necessary to know the whole concept of distance education and how it came into existence.

What is the meaning of Distance Education?

Distance education is something you get at your own pace without interacting with faculty or instructor personally. Distance education is all about geographical distance between a learner and a provider. Students must not mistake it for online learning. Online learning can be a part of distance education but not necessarily a distance education. Distance education is a scope of education that emphasizes on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional systems designed as such that it is effectively incorporated in providing education and helps students who are at remote locations or physically not present to receive their education. Instead, teachers and students may communicate at times of their own choosing by exchanging printed or electronic media, or through technology which allows them to communicate in real-time.

Coming to the question, is distance education a good option? Well yes, it is indeed a good option

1) Learn at Your Convenience:

It helps to make learning more convenient and comfortable for the student. Also, it enables one to focus on his other jobs simultaneously.

2) Study at Your Own Pace:

Distance education gives an opportunity to study according to one’s own pace and suitability. You have to be disciplined enough to maintain regularity with the course. – Thorough with the technical know-how with respect to the course.

3) Go The Extra Mile in Your Comfort Zone:

Distance learning is gaining popularity among youngsters as well as the dropouts because it provides you with the chance to resume your studies anytime and anywhere. Distance learning is also helpful in gaining extra knowledge and acquiring extra skills without leaving your comfort.

4) Gives Flexibility to the Students:

Every institution has different criteria to admit students under their distance/correspondence courses. Most of them have no age criteria to admit students, which provides a great opening to those who somehow weren’t able to complete their education or want to excel more in their respective fields.

5) Saves Time and Resources:

Another advantage is you don’t have to be physically present in the classroom all the time, you can study at remote locations and with the help of technology, connect with fellow students and teachers at a mutual time.

5) Be Employable:

Corporates nowadays need employees with multi-skills/Upgraded skills. Distance learning helps in both cases. One can upgrade in sync with modern requirements with the help of distance learning.
Few Points needs to be checked on while applying distance learning
a) Proper affiliation of the institute from which you are applying for a distance learning.
b) Acceptance and validity over the globe.
c) Course curriculum details.
d) The student connects options.
e) Opting for the correct option with respect to your field of interest.

So ultimately distance education is a very good option if utilized to the optimum and hence makes it very valuable in today’s time when people have less time and more tasks to perform. Distance education should not be taken as less than any other course, it has its own need and importance in the field of education and proving its significance remarkably.

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