Distance Learning at Jagannath University

Distance Education is an educational process and system in which all or a significant proportion of the teaching is carried out by someone at a distance from the learner. Distance education is very beneficial for candidates who wish to pursue their higher studies but do not have the time to do so. Students can through case their studies by not attending regular classes in the campus. Thus the motto of Distance learning program of the University is to overcome the socioeconomic and geographical bindings in getting higher education and to continue learning by people who stay at remote places or already employed, housewivesTeamwork skills etc. Distance education has opened the gates of “Learning Anytime Anywhere for creative”

The main objectives of Distance Education

  • To provide high quality & value-based career-oriented education to students and working professionals
  • To provide an efficient alternative path to learning course opportunities in education and especially in higher education
  • To give a boost to individual’s skill-set enhancement, career enhancement  & securing professional promotion.
  • To provide education facilities to those individuals who look upon education as a life-long activity
  • To facilitate students in understanding, integrating & applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
  • To produce an energetic, efficient and ethically driven graduate and postgraduate to serve society.

The School of Distance Learning, Jagannath University, uses distance learning as an alternative to regular courses make the course materials accessible to a large number of students countrywide. Distance learning courses are delivered primarily via the internet and offer new teaching methodologies specially designed course materials by the specialists from various universities and industries and tailored means of delivery. Appropriatevideoconferencing sessions are organized to stimulate an academic environment. The centers advantage of distance learning as a study methodology is that its reach is not confined by such constraints as geographical location &time. Thus, any registered student, anywhere in the country, can benefit from Jagannath University’s distance learning program at a time and place convenient to him.

School of Distance Learning

(Approved by Distance Education Bureau and the joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEB)

The School of Distance Learning, Jagannath University has been established and approved by Distance Education Council in the year 2010. the School is well equipped with computer and other infrastructure, adequate teaching faculty and administrative set-up of its own, computer training centres, etc to serve its student clientele in their best interest at their doorsteps.

Advantage of ‘Distance Learning Program’ at Jagannath University

  • Sector-specific and job-oriented.
  • Modern up-to-date curriculum
  • Lateral entry for diploma holders in the related degree programmes.
  • Effective Personal Contact Programme.
  • Adequate hands-on training for ComputerPracticals.
  • Examination conducted twice in a year.

Design and Structure of the Program

Distance education simply means imparting education from a distance wherein the teacher and the student are physically separated. In terms of design and structure the common features of Bachelors and Masters degree programs as mentioned:

Instruction Methodology

The medium of instruction is English. The state of the art distance learning methodology includes:

  • Internet-supported Audio/Video courseware.
  • Virtual classrooms through online teaching &training.
  • Videoconferencing through VSAT.
  • Audiovisual of multimedia products.
  • CD/DVDs versions of distance learning coursewares.

Comprehensive Course Content

Comprehensive courseware will be supplied to all the candidates. Each book is divided into units. Each unit is written in a self-instructional style and consists of introduction objectives structures of units main contents self-test activities and suggested reading. In addition, students will be encouraged to refer to recommended books wherever necessary.


Assignments are an integral component of distance education. The assignments are uploaded on to the website during each session to be submitted by the students. Assignments serve the purpose of evaluation of the student’s performance. Local Counselors who also provide feedback on a student’s performance evaluate these assignments.

Academic Support

Counseling is an important activity in distance education and is entirely different from usual classroom teaching. Counselors answer questions during counseling sessions besides clarifying doubts of students and helping them to overcome difficulties they face while going through the study material. These counseling sessions also offer students an opportunity to interact with their peers.

Practical Training

Depending on the structure of the subject required, the amount of practical training is imparted to the students at the learning centers. Practical training is necessary in order to understand the real & practical aspects/ implications of that particular subject.

Teaching Methodology

The University follows a unique pedagogy for the courses offered through distance mode so that students can learn with latitude and empathy: The pedagogy has an emphasis on:

“Believe in the best…. Have a goal for the best, never be satisfied with less than your best, try your best and in the long run things will turn out for the best.”

  • Clear conceptual understanding of the subject through contact classes.
  • Reinforcement of learned concepts through case studies and audio-visual aids.
  • A wide range of human skills and techniques for creative thinking & decision making.
  • Practice through assignment and projects.
  • Communication skills leadership & Teamwork skills gained through various group activities.
  • Application by real-life training.

List of study centers with complete address and passed the examinations under ODL programmes during the last three academic sessions. : NA

List of Examination Centres: NA